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2006-11, 2012+ Honda Civic

Cut Bump Stops?



OK so you just purchased some lowering springs for your Civic.  You go to install them, and the question always comes up....  do I cut the bump stops?  Some spring manufacturers ask you to cut them and some don't, and you should only cut the bump stops if the spring manufacturer specifically tells you to do so.  If you don't do what they've asked you to do during install, then your springs are not installed "correctly".


Still, it is interesting to see how the bump stop is affected by shortening it.


Tein asks you to cut 1" off the smaller end of the FRONT bump stop for their S.Tech and H.Tech springs.  This is a good point of comparison because the few who ask you to cut the bump stops want you to cut 1".



And what do I see?  I see the stock bump stop creating a very small amount of force for the first inch of compression.  At 1" of compression on the stock bump stop, it is creating 150 lb of force.


The 1" cut bump stop starts creating force 1" later (obviously), but it goes to full compression (bottoming out) only 1/4" later.  And that is what you get on the car.... 1/4" more compression travel before you bottom the front of the car out.


That is a good thing.  1/4" doesn't sound like much, but it's significant enough.  Still, should you do it???  If you care about the manufacturer warranty, then no.  If you don't care about the warranty, then I'd recommend it.  That extra 1/4" of travel helps.


More coming soon...check back....  12/21/14 -Chris




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